DTG Felon 2.6 Illegal Driver

Only available in RH
Manufacturer: DTG

The new DTG Felon 2.5 and 2.6 Series Drivers take distance to an entirely new level. Working with engineers, we have reduced the face thickness to the thinnest level yet. The 2.5 mm version is designed for club head speeds under 90 mph and will provide the absolute maximum spring effect. The 2.6 mm is designed for players with swing speeds of 90+ mph and optimizes distance and spin rates. The 485 cc size and cup face technology make this driver ultra-forgiving. If you are looking for a driver that is built without any regulations for the ultimate in distance and playability, this is the version you want. Please note, due to its size and spring effect, this driver does not conform to USGA rules (but it’s so fun to play!). 

  • Intended for Swing Speeds Over 90 MPH
  • Pair it with the DTG Felon Illegal Graphite Shaft
  • Original OEM Design

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